PTI’s Mirror

Ever pondered over the secret behind a Physical Training Instructor’s (PTI) impeccable appearance? Well, buckle up, because I’m about to reveal the magic behind the mirror – literally. Introducing the Flaanje Triple Full-Length Portable Mirror, a marvel in the world of PTIs and their quest for the ultimate reflection.

Price Tag: A cool £120. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Value for Money: Solid 4/5. It’s an investment in your personal brand, after all.

Ease of Use: 5/5. If you can dodge a wrench, you can operate this mirror.

Build Quality: 4/5. Sturdy enough to withstand the shockwaves of your explosive burpees.

Allyness Level: Off the charts at 10000/10. This thing screams ‘elite’.

As a PTI, my days are filled with the noble task of pushing troops to their limits, often aiming for the coveted ‘tactical chunder’. It’s imperative, then, that I look nothing short of spectacular while doing so. A stray hair or a smudge on the cheek just won’t cut it. Enter the Flaanje mirror, my trusty sidekick that ensures I’m always looking sharp from every angle – gotta check the definition on those biceps, right?

My quest led me to the holy grails of modern design – Ikea. A place where sleek meets shine, though I’ll admit, their product names do give my reading skills a run for their money. But hey, a little linguistic challenge never hurt anyone. Plus, their meatballs make a great cheat meal!

Navigating Ikea’s labyrinth to the mirror section felt like a bonus round of PT – confusing yet strangely satisfying. Once I laid eyes on the Flaanje, it was love at first sight, and not just because its name tickled my funny bone. This mirror is the real deal: portable on wheels for optimal lighting during my selfie sessions, and adjustable for that perfect angle to showcase my “Airbourn” tattoo. Because, let’s face it, if you don’t have a massive tattoo proclaiming your speed and agility, are you even trying?

The Flaanje would’ve scored a perfect 5/5 if not for its lack of built-in lighting – a slight oversight that sometimes casts unwelcome shadows under my eyes. Note to self: Schedule another botox appointment.

Assembling this beauty was an adventure in itself, made easier by the wordless, cartoonish instructions. And by ‘easier’, I mean I roped in the lads on remedial PT to tackle it while I polished the gym’s mirrors for an extra dose of reflection.

In conclusion, the Flaanje Triple Full-Length Portable Mirror isn’t just a mirror; it’s a game-changer for any PTI serious about their image. Great for selfies, checking out your muscles’ definition, and ensuring your appearance is as sharp as your PT sessions.

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